Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.


Tips for preparing to the newborn photo shoot
  • The ideal time for a photo shoot is 3-14 days. Why? At this age, children are very calm, as they do not worry about colic in the tummy, they eat and sleep a lot. Babies still feel comfortable in the fetal position, and "get straightened" by the end of the second week of their life. During this period, the photographer can do a lot of different poses with the child, and you can get a bunch of beautiful cards. After the child is 2 weeks old, I can also take a photosession, but please keep in mind that the child will probably not take diverse poses, and as a result there will be less different photos.
  • I highly recommend booking a photo session 2-3 months before the due date.In this case I will definitely find time to capture your child in the first 2 weeks of his/her life. It is very desirable to let me know that the baby arrived in the first 2 days from the moment of birth, and then we will choose the exact datefor the photo session.
  • The photo session can be either in your home or in a photo studio. It is always more convenient for a photographer to take pictures in a photo studio, since the light is set up, he/she doesn’t have to spend time traveling, etc. But is it comfortable for the baby? More likely no than yes. There is no doubt that the familiar atmosphere, smells, sounds are more comfortable for the baby. The choice is yours.
  • Decide how many people are going to participate in the shooting and share this information with the photographer. The photographer will think over the options of posing.
  • Decide on the number of photos you want to receive as a result. Look at the photographer's website for any additional options to the desired package: photo books, canvases, other printed products. Often, ordering additional services through a photographer is more profitable than later doing it yourself.
  • Send the photographer a few photos that you like and dislike. This will help you protect yourself from getting unexpected result. For example, you like bright photos, or you don’t like too much edited photos, or you don’t like photos on an artificial backdrop. The photographer should know about it. Believe me, the moredetails you discuss before shooting, the more likely you will be satisfied with the result.
  • Do not worry if there are pimples, dryness, redness etc. on the baby’s skin. The photographer will remove these issues when editing photos.
  • Discuss your clothes and their colors with the photographer if mom and dad are going to pose with the baby.
How to choose outfit for the photo session

The result of excellent photography depends on our collaboration and high-quality preparation. Let’s talk about what looks advantageous and what is better to avoid in your clothes.

  • black color
  • colorful
  • striped
  • bright colors
  • logos and prints

  • plain (mono-color) clothes
  • deep warm natural colors
  • natural fabrics
  • bright colors
  • calm colors
  • combination of 2-3 colors and their hues. I recommend to take one intense color as a basis, and complement it with neutral - from beige to brown
  • scarves, gloves, hats, accessories would perfectly complement the image

Choose among clothes you have at home, make a picture and send it to me on my cell: 224-944-1760 and I will be happy to assist you with choosing the best outfit for your photo session.

If you have chosen your outfit for the photo session, make sure it is appropriate for the location you are going to use. Both location and clothes must be combined in color and texture. For example, a gown and heels or a bow-tie suit are not appropriate to the forest location. If you want to photoshoot in your favorite clothes, send the picture to me and I will offer you several locations. Or if you know exactly the location you want your session to be done at, tell me, and we will choose the best outfit for you.

Here are some examples:


Color makes sense! Color of the picture (if it is not a monochrome black&white) is one of the main characteristics our eyes pay attention at. In order to get harmonious pictures, you should know color palette of the location. This will help you to choose right color and texture of the clothes. In my practice I always check location before the session to make a color palette for the client. You can find examples of the locations spread out on the color gamma below. You can see how gamma differs.


As a professional photographer, even if I know the location in detail, I always come there at least the day before the session to doublecheck. The hotel’s decorations may change, tulips blossom may end, the tree you like may be hacked away or the park you were looking for photoshoot is under reconstruction. It is better to be prepared for all this beforehand.

Hair, nails, makeup
  • Make sure your hair and nails are clean and make up is appropriate. If it is a family photo shooting, I recommend nude colors for nails and make up. In case you prefer a professional stylist, tell them to avoid highlights and glitter.
  • Pay attention to the details. If it is a maternity or family photoshoot, use nude colors. Bright make-up and manicure will focus attention on nails and your face, and the picture will lose its main idea.
  • Bright manicure and makeup are appropriate for the fashion photoshoot.
  • Ask your photographer for recommendations. Professional photographers are interested in taking great result, just like you, or maybe more. Keep in mind, if the session is going to be on the planner (forest, lavender fields, seashore, etc.) it is better to use natural colors.
Child photography

If you decided to take a toy with you, take a new toy that your kid did not see before. And show it exactly when the photographer is ready to capture. This will pull out great expressions of your child. Discard templates like “Say cheeeeeese”. Be creative!

Other options to stick attention of a child:


A bell


A paper plane (“let’s see where it is going to fly”)


Bright colorful toys


Plastic cup (make a noise smashing it)



  • Do not give chocolate and candy during the session. The kid will be focused on it, and their face, hands and clothes will be dirty with chocolate and you will never put such picture to your package. The best solution is to wait until the session is over.
  • Take a warm blanket, warm beverage to warm up your kid during cold season.
  • Make sure your kid slept well at the point of the day of your photoshooting. Change a damper, feed the kid before the session begins.
  • Listen to your photographer where to place your kid: professional photographer has a certain idea in mind. He pays attention to the backdrop, to the light, he/she sees the picture before it is shot.
  • Always praise and compliment your kid, his/her experience must be positive.